Front Of House Consoles
Yamaha PM4000 40 x 8, with VCA's
Soundcraft K2 40X8 Series 48 Inputs 40 Mono 8 Stereo
Avid Profile SC-48
Behringher X32
Drive Racks
DBX N-480 Stereo Crossover
EAW UX-8800 Crossovers
DBX 1066 Main Limiters
Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equalizer
Yamaha SPX-900 Digital Reverb
Yamaha REV-5 Digital Reverb
TC Electronics D2 Digital Delay
Lexicon LXP-15 Multi Effects-Reverb
DBX-166 Gate Compressors
Presonus 8 Channel Gate-Compressor
Denon CD-Cassette Deck
Main Amplifier Racks
QSC PLX 2402
QSC PLX 3402
Main Speakers
EAW BH-760 (bent horn) subwoofers
EAW KF-750 Cabinets with 2-12", 1-10" horn-loaded & 1-2" compression driver, horn-loaded
SOS Mid High Cabinets With 1-15", 1-12" & JBL 2450
Monitor Consoles
Yamaha PM-4000M 44 channel (22 Mixes avaliable)
Yamaha 3210II 32 Channel (12 Mixes Available)
Behringer X32
Monitor Racks
Ashley GQX-3102 Stereo Equalizers
DBX Drive Rack PA Electronic Crossovers
Monitor Speakers
JBL SR 4704 Wedges Biamped
SOS Drum Monitor With 2-15's Biamped
JBL SR 4733 Side Fills with 2-15's & 2445
Shure Beta - 52
Shure Beta - 58a
Shure SM-57
EV PL-20
AKG 535
40X16 Channel 250ft Snake With 50ft Monitor Split
Active and Passive Direct Boxes
4 Station Telex Intercom
GK Bass Amp
Marshall JCM900 w/ 4/12 cabinet
Kurzweil PC-88 Keyboard
Yamaha Recording Series 7 Piece Drum Kit
A complete backline is available
Lighting System
Leprecon LP-1548 48 X 2 X 576 Controller
Leprecon 624-MPX 24 X 2 X 128 Controller
Applied Electronics Dimpac 2400/3000
NSI Dimmers
PAR 64 Medium or Narrow
Orbitor Follow Spot
Applied Electronics L-11 11ft Crank-Up Lifts
Applied Electronics L-16 16ft Crank-Up Lifts
Genie 24ft Lifts
Martin Mac250+ Intelligent Moving Lights
Portable Stage